Saturday, March 12, 2011

Managing Hypertension by Nutrition

Hypertension or abnormal increase in human blood pressure has many causes and interpretations. However the hypertension has food nutrients which are catalyst to it or boost it. If we can simply avoid most of the elements in our daily food, we stand a clear chance to maintaining the blood pressure at normal rate. Some of the elements we need to avoid are salt or any substance that contains sodium such as baking soda. In conforming to observing sodium free food, we must be aware that any chemical component that has the letter "Na" has sodium in it. The commonest means by which we can overlook this is by eating already-made foods such as the "takeaways, or commercial foods or canned foods. Most canned foods contain high level of sodium because they are often used as preservatives. While we are watchful of the contents of our food, we must remember that we need to drink enough water to allow free flow of blood to various parts of the body.
Please what out for the part 2 to learn about important natural food ingredients that would help you in managing blood pressure.